Monday, May 10, 2010

Ironing out the cheap seats

I've taken to only going to the movies on cheap Tuesdays - it seems silly to be paying 35 per cent more on other days when you're getting exactly the same thing. And with online ticket purchases, there's not even those insane queues that Tuesday nights used to see. All this makes me quite happy to see movies that I don't even particularly want to see; Iron Man 2 a point in case. Fans of the first movie shouldn't be (too) disappointed and boy, is Mickey Rourke one person I would not like to meet in real life.

The George Street cinemas are great for their proximity to food all round; whether you have hours to kill before the movie or need a quick pre show feed. We were more towards the latter on Iron Man 2 night, so took the neighbourly option to Ton Ton at the hushed Regent Place. On one of the recent-change chilly (read freezing) nights, a steaming bowl of ramen does wonders to warm the hands, nose and mind.

Mabo ramen from Ton Ton, Regent Place, George Street, Sydney

The half empty, mostly closed (granted it's evening time) Regent Place is an oddly lacking space. Other than the Azuma franchises, there seems to be a severe lifelessness about it; perhaps due to it being somewhat set further back from street level. Ton Ton, however, is buzzing on a Tuesday night, possibly with other cheap-Tuesdayers keen to continue the cheap theme. Ton Ton's convenient, mostly one-bowl offerings make the perfect hasty meal, while the seating feels a mix of food court and open air dining.

There are a few options for the spice inclined - one being the mabo ramen, featuring silken cubes of tofu, minced pork and a whole bunch of other impact-adding ingredients. This sweet-ish sauce was of a good but serious chilli heat level in my opinion; and whilst I would prefer it with rice, it's nonetheless enjoyed with the ramen noodles beneath.

Karaage chicken ramen

I find my karaage chicken ramen infinitely more interesting, probably due to the array of toppings and irresistable deep fried chicken (I currently have a fried chicken problem that I'm trying to shake - struggling). The presence of shallots, various seaweeds and bean sprouts at least make me think that the once-crunchy, now-soft golden battered chicken is being slightly offset healthwise. Aside from the huge and incredibly juicy chunks of chicken thigh, my favourite component has to be the wakame seafood with a mouthful of yellow eggy noodles.

There's always a niggling thought in my mind that something as tasty as a bowl of ramen cannot be good for you, but after (over)filling my stomach with a bowl, soup and all, the feeling of sustenance and revitalisation is undeniable - which is also a scene and sentiment in this Japanese movie. And such satisified minutes before the movie, without need to visit the candy bar, cheap Tuesday was more fulfilling than ever.

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chocolatesuze said...

mmm karaage makes me happy :D

missklicious said...

Agree about going to the movies on cheap Tuesdays, it's so expensive on the regular days!!

Ton ton is a great movie night meal too - cheap & close by to the cinemas.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Good choice! I would say that it's definitely much better for you than that strange movie popcorn with the faux butter butter! :P

Trisha said...

Ton Ton is one of my most favourite eat out places after catching a movie in George St cinemas :)

Anonymous said...

Tuesday is great for movie! Such a bargain. Great place for dinner :)

Tina said...

Hi suze - Fried chicken makes me happy...

Hi missklicious - Yep, the only thing closer is Hungry Jacks and Sushi Train :)

Hi Lorraine - Movie popcorn has put me off popcorm altogether now

Hi Trisha - It's becoming mine too; movie or not!

Hi Ellie - Bargain dinner followed by 'bargain' movie

Julie said...

mmm yum! I need to try this place out!


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