Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Crabby birthday

Happy Birthday to all the Cancerians out there. What better way to celebrate late June/early July birthdays than with a giant pile of egg noodles and loads of fresh mud crabs in a ginger and shallot sauce.

Ginger and shallot mud crab with e-fu noodles from Golden Unicorn Restaurant, Maroubra Road, Maroubra

The leg parts of the crab with part of the body attached are lots of work, but with the yummy sauce all over the shell, it's not too much of a chore crunching through it to suck out the white flesh. My strategy is to hold the crab in my left hand and chopsticks in my right so I can get noodles when I've momentarily tired of trying to get at the crab. Chopsticks also come in handy for poking and scraping flesh out from the shell.

More crabbiness

But the claws are your real reward: already cracked for your convenience, picking away the shell bits reveals a large jewel piece of crab. I always fear that someone will steal it from me once I've peeled the claw so I usually don't waste much time admiring it. The flesh this time is sea-sweet and juicy, the little strands of flesh showing no resistance to my consumption. A mouthful of mud crab claw is just heaven.

I dream of mud crab claws...

The crab was particularly well done at Golden Unicorn while some of the subsequent dishes were a bit hit and miss. But the Cancerian wanted crab for her birthday, and crab I had.

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Forager @ The Gourmet Forager said...

Crab for birthday celebrations sounds like my kind of birthday too! A very happy birthday to you!

Simon Food Favourites said...

i love crab but not the hard work that comes with it. pity it's not just all claw :-). good to know they make a decent crab. i never thought of this place would be good for crab. i'm always on the look out for a good crab or lobster place.

Betty @ The Hungry Girl said...

Happy Birthday :) Looks like a great way to celebrate! mmm crabby :)

missklicious said...

Happy Birthday! Looks yummy, but crab feels like too much effort for me, agree with Simon - wish it was all claw hehe

Eliza Jane said...

That crab looks delicious! Better to have a crabby birthday than a crappy birthday! :) Just started following your blog & i'm loving it. Keep up the good work & eating x

Tina said...

Hi Forager - Thanks! :)

Hi Simon - Oh, I wish it was a giant plate of claws...!

Hi Betty - Thanks. It was great and messy :)

Hi missklicious - But the effort wsa worth it!

Hi Eliza Jane - Welcome and thanks a lot :)


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