Monday, October 17, 2011

Quick brekky at Sonoma Bakery Café

The beauty of having a Sonoma Bakery Café down a few roads from me means a quick, relatively healthy weekend breakfast is never too far, and without a massive queue. It also means amazing bread is nearly on my doorstep, which I look forward to taking advantage of once picnic season returns.

Turkish eggs at Sonoma BakeryCafé, Birmingham Street, Alexandria
It's an ethic sounding breakfast this morning with Turkish eggs that are perhaps not the most photogenic, but so satisfying. On the manly slice of feta-spread toast sits a huge pile of toppings that restrict one's ability to pick it up.

Boiled eggs are combined with a gorgeous combination of crunchy sesame-strong dukkah olives, lemon and mint. The flavours are so fresh they definitely wake up the palate in a gentle fashion, as all weekend awakenings should be. The spicy tomato sauce side isn't too bad an accompaniment and suffices in the absence of anything to spice up breakfast.

Spanish omelette with asparagus and feta
Moving into Europe proper, I've opted for the Spanish omelette and was slightly surprised with the small sizing, although I guess there were two slices of Sonoma wholemeal toast to console my hungry tummy.

The tender grilled asparagus spears are tasty addition to my day's vegetable count, while the petite omelette also contains roasted capsicum and pumpkin. The omelette is beautifully fluffly and not rich at all while the feta, from memory, doesn't add a great deal to the dish.

There's no room or time for sweets this time, but with a big call recently out of the US regarding one of Sonoma's lunch sandwich options, it seems I'm going to want to return quickly for lunch sometime soon too.

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Lil said...

Awwh, the Turkish breakky might not be the most photogenic, but it's still attractive in its own little rustic way!

chocolatesuze said...

lol that spanish omelette sure is tiny! but the turkish eggs sound tasty!

Tina said...

Hi Lil - Yes, and most importantly, delicious.

Hi suze - Yup, ideal for light breakfasters...


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