Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Love Grub and breakfast sushi

I adore a breakfast that’s a relaxed affair and not a scoff-and-run bowl of cereal. These breakfasts are even better when they happen after a late morning awakening and there’s sunshine.

This was the scene one Sunday at Love Grub; an artfully graffiti-ed café cum Japanese tapas bar that doles out as many sushi rolls as sourdough sandwiches.

Part of the outside mural at Love Grub, Mitchell Road, Alexandria
The inside of the small restaurant is share-house cosy but the outdoor seating beckons on a sunny morning. Tables and chairs are set up alongside a colourful mural of flora and fauna, with a child-friendly area filled with toys and toddlers.

Casual table service brings a fairly large menu of all-day breakfast, sushi, bento lunches and sandwiches (‘Japaz’ – Japanese tapas – is reserved for evenings), with a large range of Parker’s organic juices in the inside fridge (as well as New Zealand’s Mac’s beer range, but it was a little early for that).

Sushi hand roll brekky
But it’s never too early for sushi. Having heard interesting things about the signature fusion innovation of bacon and egg temaki, I was ready to love or hate it. Served big brekky style with avocado, grilled tomato halves, potato hash cubes and scrummy pan fried field mushrooms, the two chubby, overflowing sushi hand rolls looked the goods.

The perfectly seasoned sushi rice was a good start as was the crispy, folded rasher of bacon. The scrambled egg was probably the oddest component (although really shouldn’t have been considering the other much more unconventional sushi fillings) and I’ll admit, I really enjoyed the tomato sauce in the roll, which seemed to bring it all together.

Corn and spinach fritters brekkie
A fairly classic breakfast menu item of corn fritters fell a little flat with dough-dominant pikelet-like fritters arranged haphazardly on the plate with two perfectly poached eggs, bacon, piles of unseasoned spinach, potato and a plastic-looking Hollandaise over the top of it all.

Both breakfast options were very substantial and well-priced, and combined with the sunny courtyard and late morning, make Love Grub the lovable neighbourhood all-day eatery it is.

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Sara - Belly Rumbles said...

That temaki is definitely fusion!

tania@mykitchenstories said...

Thanks for the review . I havent noticed this place and am keen to try it.

Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

What a unqiue breakfast. Definitely weren't expecting to see those plates and what were on them :)

Vivian - vxdollface said...

mm bacon and eggs wrapped in nori :3

Tina said...

Hi Sara - No doubt about that!

Hi Tania - Do check it out; fun and casual meals to be had.

Hi Tina - I didn't expect to like it that much either...! But I did!

Hi Vivian - Don't forget the key ingredient of tomato sauce!

Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse) said...

Heheh, one of the husband's favourite childhood meals was bacon, fried eggs, rice and - you guessed it, tomato sauce! My mother-in-law is a big rice fan so she served it up any way she could =p


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