Monday, March 25, 2013

Singapore slinging - part 3: Cocktail bars

I went to Singapore late last year and didn't manage to have a namesake cocktail, Singapore Sling (I also went to Rome and didn't go to the Vatican City, but that's a different alcohol-related story).

Time restrictions aside, we did manage a few great cocktail bars designed to deal with the sticky humidity of Singapore.

Martini at Ku De Ta, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
It was a bit drizzly the night we ascended to the top of Marina Bay Sands and since the lookout was closed, we settled on martinis on the balcony at Ku De Ta, overlooking the harbour and alongside the hotel guests-only infinity pool.

It has to be one of the most amazing pools in the world, though I wouldn't be swanning around in it while the skies were illuminated with lightning.

The view from Ku De Ta, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Cocktail prices are really quite reasonable when you consider the view: the Singapore skyline just over the water, light shows and a general feeling of wonder.

The feats of humankind seem pretty impressive from up there, but that could be the spiced gin talking.

The view from The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore
Later that same evening, we moved to the other side of town; oddly enough, looking back up at where we'd been earlier in the night.

The clear, unobstructed views of Marina Bay Sands from the rooftop bar of The Fullerton Bay Hotel are almost as breathtaking as the reverse.

Lantern at The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore
Lantern is an open-air, low-rise rooftop venue beside the gleaming hotel pool. The luxe deck chairs and outdoor lounges and table service add to the glamorous and posh tent feel.

A DJ plays live and I can only imagine the awesome club nights that could erupt here, partying away in the moonlight on a hotel rooftop.

Lantern at The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore
Ice-packed mojitos were the order of the steamy night, enjoyed reclining on lounges staring at the moon that appeared and hovered over the buildings of the casino hotel and its ship-like roof feature.

The view from The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore

Bartenders at work at Bar Stories, Haji Lane, Singapore
In the Muslim quarter, it's obvious that everything old is new again - Haji Lane is all trendy fashion by day and noise-filled bars and cafés by night. Hidden away upstairs from a shopfront-turned-restaurant is Bar Stories: a tiny cocktail bar where there's not really a cocktail menu.

Bespoke cocktails have been their thing since 2010: pick a flavour profile (sweet, sour, bitter), agree or otherwise to their key ingredient additions and wait for your own personalised cocktail.

Berry cocktail at Bar Stories, Haji Lane, Singapore
We were all kind of flabbergasted at this icy creation which came from an order of 'sweet' and an 'OK' to berries. Chatting away and not paying much attention too the mixology, I'm not sure what liquors made it into this sweet cocktail, but that's not remotely the point.

Like an ice sculpture attached to the outside of a metal shaker tin, it ended up a little on the wet and drippy side but certainly worth the cooling and novelty factor while the 'boat' garnish of berries was healthy at the very least.

Yuzu cocktail at Bar Stories, Haji Lane, Singapore
A request for a sour cocktail and agreement to Japanese citrus fruit yuzu produced a martini-glassed fizz with foamy egg white, an inverted lime half and what looked like fennel pollen applied with metal tweezers.

It was sweet for a sour cocktail and featured only white spirits (don't ask which).

Passionfruit cocktail at Bar Stories, Haji Lane, Singapore
My sour cocktail featured passionfruit and again, was too sweet for my preference, even overpowering the alcoholic taste (but perhaps that's the point here).

Also an egg white fizz, it was garnished with a fresh half of passionfruit and dried rose leaves, and from memory had a fair few passionfruit seeds at the bottom of the pretty glass.

The 'Merlion', Singapore
And it was after a decent cocktail session one night that I finally got to see the Merlion - Singapore's mascot with a lion's head and fish's body - although not spurting water by night and as a result, not quite so interesting.

This was part of my urge to do the most touristy of touristy things when I travel, just beating out my need to check out the local drinking holes. More Singapore posts to come.


Happyeverafter Bride said...

Wow, that's a lot of pretty cocktails! The lights of Singapore must have been that much brighter with all that booze. *wink*

milkteaxx said...

it has been a while since ive been to sg, it looks so different now, so amazing!

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Can't beat a cocktail with a view - and those humid nights in Singapore demand some liquid refreshment!

Anonymous said...

Cocktails look interesting and what a view! but I'm with you, I don't like cocktails that are too sweet.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

The Fullerton Bay is such a gorgeous hotel. Next time I visit, I really want to stay there!

john | heneedsfood said...

My appreciation for Singapore grew significantly last time I was there. I may not have loved staying at Marina Bay Sands but I did enjoy cooling off in that roof-top pool. Well, when there weren't too many kids screaming and splashing around. Good to see you cooled down in style!

Tina said...

Hi Happyeverafter - Sure were - they weren't all in one night though ;)

Hi milkteaxx - My first time :D

Hi Helen - Yeah, there's nothing quite like it (and nothing like it in Sydney)!

Hi lateraleating - Yeah, there's such a tendency to make them sweet; probably so they're more palatable for the masses...

Hi Lorraine - The rooftop is to die for!

Hi John - I want to stay there next time, just for the pool!


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