Tuesday, June 11, 2013

So long, Sydney Monorail Farewell Tour

Sydney’s 25-year-old monorail – which snakes through the CBD, Darling Harbour, Pyrmont and Chinatown – is making its final rounds of the city on Sunday, 30 June 2013.

Sydney Monorail (Image courtesy of MTS Holding Company)
I went on the monorail once as a kid, awed and excited at travelling up so high above the streets and people. I’ve used it a couple times in more recent years as a shortcut to Pyrmont and just for the pure novelty factor.

Now, as the State Government’s monorail removal project looms, there’s just over two weeks left to create your own Sydney monorail memories.

Sydney Monorail - last journey on 28 June 2013
If you’re after a monorail experience more The Amazing Race than The Simpsons, the Monorail Farewell Tour is just the thing: part urban exploration, part scavenger hunt and part food and drink tour.

Starting tomorrow night and organised by walking tour group Two Feet & a Heartbeat and Sydney Urban Adventures (the local city tour arm of Intrepid), the Monorail Farewell Tour is a great group or team event opportunity to ride the monorail a few last times while completing challenges and trivia around the key attractions along the monorail route.

Sydney Monorail day pass
Armed with a monorail day pass, game card and select drinks and discount vouchers, the Monorail Farewell Tour is designed as an adventure for teams of ideally 3-5 people.

Landmarks like Kimber Lane to be discovered
From a CBD starting place, points are earned by visiting Sydney attractions, restaurants and bars, and other landmarks; Instagramming team photos; answering trivia questions and more around the seven stops of the monorail route.

Find gems like Dixon Wine Bar on the tour!
The challenge should span about two-and-a-half hours with a secret finishing location which is only revealed during one of the attraction stops on the route (no guarantees Phil Keoghan will be there though).

There are prizes to be won and announced at the final location, where hash-tagged Instagrammed photos will also be judged.

There’s also self-guided option for the non-competitive sorts among us, where you can explore the monorail route and attractions in your own time.

So long, farewell Sydney Monorail (Image courtesy of MTS Holding Company)
Monorail Farewell Tours will run from 6-9pm every night from Wednesday, 12 June 2013 through to Thursday, 28 June 2013. Tour tickets range from $30-45. See the website for more information and booking.

Food, booze and shoes previewed the Monorail Farewell Tour as a guest, with thanks to DEC Public Relations.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know that they had a tour built around it, I might do it since I've never had a monorail ride.

Belle said...

Wow this looks like fun to complete!

Vivian - vxdollface said...

That's a great tour, it's such a shame that the monorail is closing down :( so many fond memories

Anonymous said...

Jumped on the monorail last week with with my spouse and kid mid week as we were staying at World Square and for once, the station was handy! I'd only been on it once before in the heady early days of its life 20 odd years ago(it was a big deal when it opened). Man - it was a hoot and suddenly I'm all nostalgic and sad about it's closing. I recommend a last go on it to anyone, even just to get an old school vibe of the city.

Tina said...

Hi lateraleating - Your last chance these two weeks! Great opportunity or forever lost... ;)

Hi Belle - Yeah, great as a team challenge, especially when you have some die-hard competitors in it :D

Hi Vivian - I know, it's quite bittersweet if you think about it...

Hi Anonymous - Absolutely. I can't say I used it lots but am totally nostalgic about it now. Makes a farewell tour completely apt :)


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