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Steersons Steakhouse Signatures on the Wharf

As part of Good Food Month, for the month of October King Street Wharf restaurants are offering Signatures by the Wharf: a set of a signature main meal or dishes with a drink, enjoyed by the sparkling waterside.

I shouldn't have been all too surprised at the bloke-heavy population at Steersons Steakhouse on a weeknight dinner, where corporate cards seem to get a good workout. The restaurant at the northern end of Lime Street overlooking the wharf was almost completely full by the time we put orders in, and with steak, wine and a whisky trolley out the front – it makes perfect sense.

Freshly baked damper with salted butter and mixed marinated olives from Steersons Steakhouse,
Lime Street, King Street Wharf, Sydney
We started with freshly baked damper that was almost as soft and light as fairy floss; certainly softer than any white bread I've known and nothing like the damper I made at school camp all those years ago. Served with plain old butter, I'd recommend having it with some of the other very tempting starter options.

The mixed marinated olives were an ideal accompaniment, comprising meaty Sicilian green olives as well as kalamata olives in a chilli, citrus and herb marinade.

Pan-Fried Chorizo with mint & basil in a hot pan
There was even more flavour packed into the chorizo entrée, served in slices in a small, hot frying pan with mint, basil and a touch of balsamic vinegar – the latter cutting through the fatty, well-spiced pork sausage. With oils from the chorizo pooling at the bottom of the pan with the vinegar, it combined to make all too delicious (and naughty) a dipping oil.

Petite Grasslands (NSW) rib-eye with chips
Steersons' Good Food Month signature offer is the petite Grasslands rib-eye with red wine jus and a choice of potato: mashed, baked in its skin or fat chips, plus a glass of house wine. At 220 grams, the petite rib-eye steak is a good size for dinner with a couple of entrées and sides although hungrier types may look to the larger steak offerings.

Done medium-rare and served with hot English and seeded mustards, I was delighted with my petite steak which was pink and juicy but not bloody, so very tender, well-seasoned and charred on the surface, and full of beefy flavour.

With crisp, wide (and well done) chips and a few token green leaves, it was all about the signature steak that was so well executed by the Steersons kitchen.

Havericks Dry Aged Beef, NSW – Riverina rib on bone (pasture fed)
Outside of the Good Food Month special, the Riverina rib on the bone came highly recommended. Dry aged by Havericks for six-to-eight weeks, the tenderness of the not-too-thick 400 gram steak was a marvel, though I found my petite rib-eye tastier – if only for seasoning.

The coin of confit garlic and thyme butter was a rich addition along with the pot of red wine jus. Cutely, the serve of mashed potato was presented in a cloud-like fashion next to some plate greenery.

We paired our steaks with the easy-quaffing, excellently fruity, medium-bodied Jed Limited Reslease Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina.

Wild Rocket & Parmesan with goat cheese & beetroot
We added vegetables by way of the rocket and parmesan salad, differentiated from the masses with the addition of tartly-pickled beetroot – both the usual and golden varieties – which were thinly sliced but maintained an earthy firmness.

A goat's cheese dressing was served with the rocket leaf salad, both drizzled atop and in a side pool, while I think there was also a touch of balsamic vinegar.

Sauteed garlic mushrooms
I adore mushrooms in most forms but it would be hard to top the sautéed garlic mushrooms at Steersons. Served in another small frying pan, I think it was a mix of Swiss brown and button mushrooms cooked just so with the perfect hit of garlic, topped with breadcrumbs. If I were a vegetarian (I probably wouldn't be at Steersons Steakhouse, but), this is what I would want to eat all the time.

We didn't leave time or space for dessert on this occasion but for me, when it"s all about the steak – as is Steersons' signature – it's all about the steak.

There's a wide range of dining options on King Street Wharf and so there's a wide range of offers from the likes of Bungalow 8, Cargo Bar, Casa Ristorante Italiano, George's Mediterranean Bar & Grill, Kobe Jones, Wharf Teppanyaki, La Cita, Nicks Bar and Grill, The Malaya and Steersons Steakhouse. See all of the Signatures by the Wharf dining offers at King Street Wharf.

Food, Booze & Shoes dined at Steersons Steakhouse as a guest, with thanks to The PR Partnership.

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