Friday, April 30, 2010

To market, to market

Homewares galore at Surry Hills Markets

I have lots of affection for festivals and markets; something about the convivial community atmosphere just appeals to lost child within. Not to mention on offer fun and frivolity, goodies to take home or eat, or just outdoors and sunshine. Sounds to me like the ideal way to spend a weekend.

Second-hand toys - they don't make them like this anymore

Every Surry Hills cool cat and their obligatory cute small dog tend to turn up at the Surry Hills Markets on the first Saturday of every month (tomorrow!) at Shannon Reserve (the park you overlook when downing beers on the Clock Hotel upstairs balcony), on the corner of Foveaux and Crown Streets. It’s a colourful affair of vintage and indie designer goods that are sure to surprise, excite and inspire creative threads of the mind and body and empty mantel piece.

Look into your future/self/soul/pores

Bargain vintage sunnies

Hmm... acid or stone wash?

Good golly, Golliwog

Turkish gozleme

Japanese 'pizza' or okonomiyaki

Shoes are aplenty (circa 1960s or 1970s most commonly); booze available from the nearby Crown Street watering holes; and limited food in the form of gozleme, okonomiyaki or ‘Japanese pizza’, and did I mention gozleme? The entire park smells like the flat grilled dough – filled with spinach and cheese, or minced meat – but if that’s not your thing, fret not. With a plethora of cafés and eateries nearby (it is Surry Hills after all), a post market visit is merely a step this way or that.

The next Surry Hills Markets is on tomorrow, 1 May and then Saturday, 5 June.

Polly wanna go to Surry Hills Markets


Betty @ The Hungry Girl said...

The gozleme is a staple at all markets, it wouldn't be a markets experience without seeing one of those stalls. I love the idea of going to the markets and buying vintage things and finding bargains, but as I get older (haha), I've realised that I really ahve to be in the mood to sift through things, otherwise I'm over it!

missklicious said...

Markets are a fantastic way to spend the weekend. I love markets of any kind, but agree it wouldn't be a markets experience without gozleme (and dutch pancakes!)

Mark @ Cafe Campana said...

Markets are fun. Did anyone else notice that the jeans had elasticised waist bands, they are totally made with the over eater in mind.

Maria said...

I love markets because they are a great place to find off pieces of props for for setting up a table at home! :-)

Tina said...

Hi Betty - That's true, it's not a market without gozleme. The sifting effort is epic.

Hi missklicious - I adore all markets too!

Hi Mark - Recycled vintage - such is fashion...

Hi Maria - There's lots of homewares at Surry Hills Markets :)

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

There are some great finds at surry Hills maarkets! I bought one of my favourite belts there as well as a really nice dress! :D

Marigold Bloom said...

Hey, I like your blog. Nice bright pictures and great title.

Tina said...

Hi Lorraine - And great fascinators too!

Hi Marigold - Thanks! :)


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