Monday, October 15, 2012

CKT and satay at Sinma Laksa House

I'm not averse to bits of crunchy fried pork fat for in the morning, meaning I'm not going to decline Malaysian char kway teo for breakfast, especially after a seedy night out.

Sinma Laksa House sits at the famous big roundabout in Kingsford; a Malaysian restaurant far enough away from the university to be not jam packed with hungry students, but customed by a value-seeking crowd nevertheless.

Prawn crackers from Sinma Laksa House, Anzac Parade, Kingsfoed
The casual eatery, away from most of the Kingsford hustle and bustle, offers bain marie lunch options, lots cooked to order and for special, luxurious meals there's an impressive selection of dishes featuring fresh mud crabs.

We ordered meals at the counter and snacked on pink prawn crackers, for which I think I'll be forever nostalgic about.

Penang char kway teo - fried rice noodles
I adore the char kway teo at Sinma Laksa House, although sadly it wasn't at its usual high standard on this day. Missing was a bit heavier seasoning and stronger wok smokiness, but at least there were the fried pork fat nubbins.

Treasure hunting for the porky bits are about the best thing ever, amid the wide rice noodles, prawns, fish cake, tiny mussels, lap cheung Chinese sausage and bean sprouts.

Char kway kak - fried radish cake 
The char kway kak fried radish cake has very similar seasoning to the char kway teo, if not the same. But instead of rice noodles, this dish wok fries cubes of steamed white radish cake; an apparently laborious dish to make.

The somewhat floury radish cake makes for a very filling dish that's quite nice the next day with lots of chilli sauce.

Chicken satay
The juicy chicken thigh meat of Sinma's chicken satay is an absolute treat; drowned in a sweet, peanut-ty sauce.

The Spanish onion and cucumber on the side, however, looked like they were prepared many, many days ago, while the lontong compressed rice cubes work well to clean up the remaining satay sauce.

Despite the driving school advertisements under the plastic tabletop sheeting and despite an off day for the char kway teo, it's still one of my nearby favourites for CKT and satay.

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chocolatesuze said...

mmm satay! i could totally go for a stick or two right now for breakfast!

john@heneedsfood said...

I agree with Suze, I want satay now! Great to see they used lontong as well!

Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

In singapore CKT was the best breakfast, lunch and dinner! Hopefully next time roung it will be up to scratch again!

Food is our religion said...

yummmmmm love CKT. If it is done well, it is the one dish I can never get sick of. ever.

Christine @ Cooking Crusade said...

Mmm that satay sauce looks divine. I love mopping up the sauce teehee

Not Quite Nigella said...

This is nearish where we live. Apparently they have Marmite crab which sounds interesting!

ChopinandMysaucepan said...

Dear Tina,

I just tried the CKT again last Saturday and I agree that although the wok flavour is not as aromatic as before, it is still pretty good.

I think the two standout hawker dishes at this place is the CKT and Chai Tow Kway (Malaysian style which is savoury) as opposed to the Singapore sweet style that is quite unpalatable to me.

Tina said...

Hi suze - It's pretty good satay, definitely brekky appropriate ;)

Hi John - I think there's a small group of people who love lontong; for the rest of us it's a bit meh. :D

Hi Tina - Ooh, I'll have to try a few when I'm in Singapore then!

Hi Food is our religion - Yeah, although too often it's just not done great. Perhaps too many aspects where it could go wrong...

Hi Christine - Yup, the sauce to chicken ratio here was pretty decent...!

Hi Lorraine - Yeah, I'm yet to have any crab here but keen to try one day.

Hi ChopinandMysaucepan - I'll have to try that other dish you suggest. It I find it hard to not order the CKT here :)


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