Friday, August 19, 2011

The oldies but goodies at New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant

The main road through Ashfield is one of Sydney's suburban Chinatowns, with more of a Northern Chinese slant than the traditionally Cantonese Haymarket Chinatown. And as to be expected from a Chinatown, the street is lined with food outlets and restaurants, grocers, butcheries, fishmongers and fruit shops.

With so much on offer, it's a wonder that I keep returning for just one or two things; namely, xiao long bao pork soup dumplings and their cousins, the Shanghai pan fried pork buns.

Xiao long bap from New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant, Liverpool Road, Ashfield
They don't mess around here, and food hits the table fairly fast and in no particular order. The xiao long bao excite the table as a quasi-appetiser, though still not everyone knows how to eat them without soup squirts or leaks.

These are great, with full-flavoured soup inside the slightly-thicker-than-DTF dumpling skins. I always think I could eat a few baskets full of these, though I'm yet to have the pleasure of that challenge.

Zha jiang noodles
Another favourite dish is the zha jiang noodles; slippery, thick, white noodles beneath an appetising topping of minced pork and spicy bean paste, among potentially hundreds of other ingredients. Alongside, a handful of julienned cucumber combats the slight but increasing heat of the sauce.

Zha jiang noodles, mixed through
The noodles aren't as pretty when mixed through, but it's the only way to eat them properly. While I normally prefer egg noodles over rice noodles in most instances, this is one exception to the case.

Spicy combination wonton noodle hot pot
We hadn't expected the hot pot to be quite such a giant bowl full of chilli red broth, topped with wonton dumplings, beef strips, Chinese greens and black fungus.

Definitely a serving to be shared, this was a meal within a meal that never seemed to end - meat, vegies, dumplings, noodles - we were fishing for food right to the very bottom of the bowl.

Pan fried pork buns
Often the last to arrive are the pan fried pork buns, presumably as they're cooked to order a need a good 10 minutes' cooking, at least, in oil and water in the pan.

Fluffy dough encases a similar pork filling as the xiao long bao although without the soupy delight. These are seriously filling, especially at the end of the meal, so also ideal for sharing.

So, three of the same dishes I usually order when I'm round Ashfield way; four completely satiated bodies and some takeaway; and another satisfying visit to New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant.

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joey@FoodiePop said...

The pan fried pork buns are my favourite, but it's difficult to know which direction the hot soup inside will squirt! Usually all over my shirt is the answer. LOL

Anonymous said...

I'd be keen on trying those pan-fried pork buns, as I love the steamed ones.

chocolatesuze said...

teehee i always laugh at the pan fried pork buns not sure why but they always look so cute and round!

sugarpuffi said...

thats a generous serving of sauce on the zhajiang noodles! love everything u ordered

Zina @ tastedbytwo said...

This place is definitely an old goodie! I love the rice cakes with XO sauce.

MissPiggy said...

I always get dumplings at these sort of places - I'd be keen to try the Zha jiang noodles as they look really good.

Dumpling Girl said...

I can never say no to pan fried pork buns, definitely my happy food of choice. Must check this place out.

ourbillplease said...

Their rice noodles in a pumpkin broth is delicious too!

Tina said...

Hi joey - Yes, and sometimes, disappointingly, they have no soup :(

Hi lateraleating - Oh you must - they're a revelation!

Hi suze - Like bouncy buns of pork goodness!

Hi sugarpuffi - Yeah, saucy - just the way I like it...! ;)

Hi Zina - I have a terrible tendency to just order the same things everytime... :S

Hi MissPiggy - Dumplings are always a must if they're on the menu!

Hi Dumpling Girl - I think dumplings are my happy food :)

Hi ourbillplease - Oooh, that sounds like a very interesting dish to try!

Minh said...

Can't beat Ashfield when it comes to dumplings! The Pan Fried dumplings are my weakness <3

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I think I have more trouble eating zhajiang noodles rather than the pan-fried pork buns - they're so slippery and just go everywhere!

Gianna@TheEmptyFridge said...

I spent my high school years in Ashfield and to this day wish that the local dumpling drag was around in my time - id cut classes for those Pan Fried dumplings!

Tina said...

Hi Minh - The steamed xiao long bao are still my faves... :)

Hi mademoiselle délicieuse - You're right. A fork certainly helps me ;)

Hi Gianna - Can you imagine xlbs for lunch everyday? :P yes please

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

We can never get enough dumplings! Well actually I think we've come close with the amount that we've ordered :P


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