Monday, February 23, 2009

Top weather for Tropfest

I'm really not sure if the last couple of days is worth writing about. There have been a few too many visits to McDonalds than I would care to admit or remember. But at the very least I'm thankful that the weather held up for the annual pilgrammage for the Tropfest short film festival in the Domain.

Crowds at the Domain for Tropfest

The umbrella came in handy for shielding the wine and I from the sun - a pleasant change from drizzle. Wiling time away in the sun with a glass of wine - is there a better way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon? Along with about 70,000 other Sydney-siders, I don't think so.

A sun-protected Four Sisters sauv blanc

I'm starting to pick up a penchant for unique wine labels, much like judging a book by its cover, although a little less effective as I can't really flick through a bottle, now can I? This Four Sisters sauvignon blanc turns out to be a little diasppointing to my palate although a fellow drinker and Tropfest-er enjoys the lightness. Drier and lighter than what I'd prefer with only a hint of muted fruitiness.

I have mountains of cheese, live music, people, flying foxes and spring-inspired short films to distract myself. That's Tropfest for another year, the warning signal that the end of summer is nigh.

And a quick note on my most recent chocolate discovery. A block of Lindt is barely a guilty pleasure so long as one doesn't finish the whole block. They're portioned into thin, sensual slices that melt in the mouth. Their version of chili chocolate is broodingly dark with a late, warm chili tickle in the throat. Oddly enough the chili doesn't affect the tongue - isn't that a bit strange or perhaps just me?

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