Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Steak-ing out a path

Life's unexpected paths often lead to interesting travels. Going with the flow is one way of doing things, though I've found it to be less fulfilling than if one were to throw oneself fully into a situation. But nothing wrong with a bit of life meandering while making the big decisions, right?

I'm on an impromptu path to Coogee one evening for some unexpectedness followed by a quick decision to head to Randwick Rugby Club's newly refurbished restaurant, Brook Street Kitchen and Bar, of which I've heard good reviews so far.

We find the restaurant empty of both patrons and staff, only to be informed at the bar that the restaurant doesn't open on Tuesdays. The bistro/bar area, however, is abuzz with a jovial crowd and the occasional footballer post-training. There's consolation in the Tuesday special of steak (with sauces and sides) and a drink for $11. This is the go, with almost everyone brandishing a schooner and buzzer waiting for their steak fix.

Contender for new favourite beer is Matilda Bay's Fat Yak Pale Ale. Aside from the hilarity of saying "I'll have a Fat Yak, please," this brew seriously packs a fruity punch. I thought I could taste lychee but maybe that was just the hunger delusions and fear that our buzzer had run out of batteries.

Angus rump with chips, salad and pepper sauce from
Randwick Rugby Club bistro, Brook Street, Coogee

Food, cutlery and sauce collection happens in quick succession following the eventual buzzing. One is ordered with thick, could-be-crunchier chips and a mixed greens side of salad, the steak drizzled with a head-nodding pepper sauce.

Angus rump with mash, salad and herb butter

Another sits on a bed of mash aside the same salad, topped with a disc of herb butter (that's melted and slid off the top a little. And that's a brain squiggle of dijon and tomato sauce on the side). All the steaks are considerably thick but a little on the chewy side. My medium-rare produces a chewy half and a soft half, which makes me wonder about the actual cut of meat.

But really, it's a cheap feed and we're more focused on celebrating life's paths as it is anyway. Unexpected, chosen, whatever - Fat Yak to it all (hope that doesn't sound obscene).


Betty said...

It's always a bit stressful when you get the buzzer, although I've only ever gotten it at a pub/bar in maroubra and at oportos. lol. And yeah, sometimes you just gotta roll with it, fat yak and all :)

Tina said...

Hi Betty - Yep, rolling with a fat yak :D


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