Friday, August 26, 2011

A night feed at Asa Sushi

When you need a quick bite, it seems most people know where the nearest Maccas is - but what about slightly healthier options? A healthy, quick bites directory would be just the thing. One that could be added to the list is Asa Sushi in Kings Cross, beneath the Coke sign at the entry to Kings Cross Shopping Centre.

Sushi and sashimi platter for two at Asa Sushi, Bayswater Road, Kings Cross
Starving and rushed for time, it was here that delighted two of us with simple, fresh sushi - very much a healthy, quick bite. The tiny takeaway and eat-in restaurant offers brown rice sushi for a slight premium, although the teriyaki sets proved very popular with those eating in the small premises.

Green tea served in a wooden cup
By far the cutest tea vessel I've ever seen, this miniature wooden barrel held my green tea well enough. There was a knot in the wood that seemed to have a natural opening, and where droplets of my green tea were consistently making their way out to see the world. But still cute.

Tuna, kingfish and salmon sashimi
No complaints about the fresh, firm slices of sashimi; other than the need to toss up for the tuna or kingfish even though I actually prefer the latter.

Salmon is undoubtedly the most popular raw fish served up in Sydney, which the Japanese don't necessarily agree with (it's all about the tuna!).

Prawn, tuna, salmon and kingfish nigirizushi
The slices of tuna on the nigiri sushi are seriously thin and here again, salmon rules. The sushi rice was pretty spot on, as too the sizings; which is important these days as I try to eat nigirizushi as it was intended - in one mouthful.

Salmon, avocado and cucmber uramaki (inside-out roll)
I beleive the one-mouthful approach is also intended for futomaki zushi, or thick sushi rolls, but I continue to struggle here.

The whole mouthful threatens to choke me and silences me for a good full minute, whereas trying to bite the pieces in smaller mouthfuls usually results in the filling falling out and me left with a long strip of seaweed hanging out of my mouth.

It seems you can't win, but a quick and healthy feed at Asa Sushi, especially on an umplanned night, sure feels like winning.

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Anonymous said...

Sushi is a much better option than Maccas indeed!

MissPiggy said...

This place used to be a local for me - I really like it! I stuff all the sushi into my mouth in one go - otherwise I end up with it everywhere.

chocolatesuze said...

omg how cute is that cup!!

Denise Clearwater said...

If someone is up for something healthy without having to worry about all the veggies, I think Japanese food is on the top of the list. I just don't understand why they feel differently about the tuna -- Is this some history thing? lol

That wooden cup is cute. So traditional!

Vivian - vxdollface said...

hehe the barrel is so cute! i agree, i much prefer kingfish and tuna over salmon!

Tina said...

Hi lateraleating - Although sometimes a cheeseburger really hits the spot... :S

Hi MissPiggy - I didn't expect such quality sushi/sashimi at this tiny little place :)

Hi suze - Too cute. I wanted to take it home with me...

Hi Denise - Not sure about the tuna thing. Perhaps it's a superior taste to them?

Hi Vivian - I like all three!

gastronomous anonymous said...

oh the cup is so cute!!!!! i dont venture to kings cross very often but this sounds like a good reason too! YUM!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I want a mini-wooden barrel for myself now! But preferably one which doesn't leak =p

And yes, much as I try to fit nigiri and maki pieces in as one mouthful, I sadly have a rather small mouth or people are just making the sushi too large!

Tina said...

Hi gastronomous anonymous - It's probably not a place to make a special trip out for - just if you happen to be around :)

Hi mademoiselle délicieuse - The leak made it even cuter! Not practical perhaps...


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