Thursday, March 8, 2012

Taste of Sydney pre drinks: Mesha by Eau de Vie

Edit: The Thursday night session of Taste of Sydney is not going ahead due to weather conditions. The organisers are anticipating to open as planned for the 12.00pm Friday session. Regular updates on Twitter.

It's fantastically exciting that it's Taste of Sydney time again, despite the miserable Sydney weather and forecasts for a prolonged month, at least, of further miserable weather. Nontheless, I'll be there with gumboots and a poncho as Taste of Sydney hits its fourth year at Centennial Park.

This year brings a bunch of new event features and a restaurant line-up that has a lot of familiar faces but new names to the fold. One stall of which I'm particularly excited to see is the Eau de Vie crew presented by Ketel One vodka.

Mesha by Eau de Vie
(Image courtesy of Behind Bars)
The stand will be manned by the Eau de Vie team, including Ketel One's National Brand Ambassador, David Beatty. The stall will feature five of Eau de Vie's signature cocktails featuring Ketel One vodka, including their best seller, the Mesha - see recipe below.

See you at Taste of Sydney - rain, hail or shine with a cocktail in hand. Get your tickets and Crowns (1 Crown = $1) at the door or here.

Mesha (by Eau de Vie)
50ml Ketel One Citroen® vodka
20ml fresh pineapple juice
20ml fresh lime juice
15ml triple sec
15ml Falernum
5 fresh raspberries

Cinnamon Sugar Rim:
Combine equal parts of white sugar and cinnamon powder. Use a lime quarter to moisten the rim of the glass so the mixture sticks.

Muddle the fresh raspberries in your shaker, then add all ingredients with ice. Shake vigorously and double strain in a chilled cocktail glass, ready with the cinnamon sugar rim.


joey@FoodiePop said...

I hope the weather is good for TOS ....

JasmyneTea said...

That sounds great, I happen to have all the ingredients except Falernum, which I've never heard of, lol.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

A shame that it didn't go ahead but it was the worst day of weather in ages today! :( Hopefully the grounds won't be too flooded for the next few days.

Tambourine said...

Although I don't drink, that drink looks soooo yummy! Looks so refreshing, especially after the weather we've been having.

Lucas @ said...

All my tiki cocktail books use falernum, but I can never find any! May improv something.

Tina said...

Hi joey - Yay, it was such a beautiful weekend for Taste :)

Hi JasmyneTea - Yeah, I think most bars make thier own falernum cos it's not widely available in shops, that's for sure!

Hi Lorraine - No floods at Taste to report ;)

Hi Tambourine - Ah shame, not sure if there's a mocktail alternative...

Hi Lucas - Orgeat is fairly close and more widely available, I think


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