Friday, July 19, 2013

Bird is the word at The Bank Hotel

There’s no shortage of Newtown pubs, even just along King Street, but the recent revival of a few iconic pubs is proving competition for Newtown restaurants and eateries too.

Refurbished and relaunched venues include The Bank Hotel, next to the upgraded Newtown Station. Now owned by pub group Solotel, the downstairs section has been converted from long-time tenant Sumalee Thai to a spacious beer garden and courtyard so that there are now multi-level drinking and smoking areas.

Bird is the Word Sunday half roast chicken at The Bank Hotel Beer Garden,
King Street, Newtown

Food, booze and shoes sampled the Bird is the Word as a guest, with thanks to Agency G.
The new Bank Beer Garden offers a modern, casual pub dining menu with daily specials: Friday nights are for cheap share plates; pulled pork for groups on Saturdays; old school fish and chips on Tuesdays and paella Wednesdays among some of the nightly food temptations.

'Bird' is the word on a Sunday afternoon when roast chicken is the go – almost every kitchen order we see that afternoon is the half bird with all the trimmings, designed for two eaters.

Bird is the Word
The roasted skin on the half bird is perfectly and evenly golden with a lovely crispness, while the moist chicken hides a chunky stuffing with a wealth of corn kernels and bacon lardons.

The large plate arrives with an abundance of sides: roast potatoes and pumpkin; a soft-centred, golden-surfaced Yorkshire pudding; and a cabbage salad.

To drink there’s the Newtown-brewed Young Henry’s on tap (the Natural Ale is my pick) and an impressive selection of ciders by the bottle, as well as all the beer and spirit usuals.

French fries

Potato wedges
For total potato overload, we added French fries and potato wedges to our order; the latter being huge, golden deep-fried, skin-on potato segments – some larger than single chat potatoes – served with the classic combination of sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.

Sweet corn fritters with red pepper relish
Also on the ‘light food’ menu are sweet corn fritters, served with red pepper relish. Seemingly covering off brunch on the menu too, the fritters are packed with corn and decent enough, but much improved with the creamy, pureed capsicum sauce.

Spiced eggplant, cauliflower, hazelnut, herbs, yoghurt
I felt the need to add a salad; for appearances at the very least. The Middle Eastern flavours in the spiced eggplant were palate-awakening, with natural yoghurt making for an ideal and simple dressing for the myriad of spice flavours.

The Bank Beer Garden
(Image courtesy of Agency G)
With gas heaters to combat the winter cool, The Bank Beer Garden is all about long afternoons with beers, mates, and a decent bite to eat. And don't forget on Sunday afternoons, Bird is the Word.

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Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

I loved coming to the thai place that was in the beer garden, but hey, this looks just as good. I'd definitely go for the bird too.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I do love a good Sunday lunch roast! It's perfect for this weather :)

joey@FoodiePop said...

Thanks for putting the song into my head.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for this review, I was wondering if the new bistro would be a good substitute for Sumalee, apparently it is!

Shanshan Lam said...

whoah at the serving of that bird! that's massive!!

Anonymous said...

Was there any gravy with the bird? I find it difficult to eat a roast without gravy. I'd also thoroughly recommend going there on a Saturday and having the Pulled Pork Party - amazing porky goodness with lettuce and condiments to make yummy wraps.

Tina said...

Hi Tina - Yeah, everyone was!

Hi Lorraine - It's just perfect for that! (Good for a Sunday hangover too!)

Hi joey - You're welcome ;)

Hi lateraleating - I did like Sumalee but I guess their argument is that there's plenty of Thai along King Street, and not so many roasts :)

Hi Shan - It's a half chook to be shared between two ;) Or one, I suppose, if you really want.

Hi Anonymous - I actually forgot to mention the sauce on the side! It was a bit like a bread sauce, flavoured with horseradish - really good!

Tod wilson said...

Hey thanks for the review, I loved coming to the that place that was in the beer garden.

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