Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Coffee hits at Seven Seeds (Melbourne)

Posted by Hendy

A coffee sourcer, micro roaster and café, Seven Seeds is a short tram ride north of the heart of Melbourne in Carlton.

Sister café to Brother Baba Budan in the city, Seven Seeds has even extended its reach to Sydney with Double Barrel Coffee Merchants (across from Wynyard Park in the city) also offering the Seven Seeds coffee blends.

Seven Seeds, Berkeley Street, Carlton, Melbourne
Located on a relatively quiet street, close to the University of Melbourne, we had a short wait for our breakfast coffee hit at Seven Seeds.

Long black
Being in a specialty coffee house, and having tried the Seven Seeds blends previously, it was going to be all about the coffee.

A long black is my standard coffee order, and this was a clean, aromatic medium roast with hints of nuttiness.

Pour over coffee - Colombia Las Delicias
The pour over coffee was listed on the menu as a single standalone item, with the staff helping us out on the various beans currently on offer and suitable for filter. 

A little picture card comes with the pour over set, explaining the origin of the beans, the farm the beans were harvested from and a small description of the region. Our first pour over was the Colombia Las Delicias beans, which were produced in the Las Delicias farm in Gigante, Colombia. 

As the brew is poured from the small jug into the cup, the aroma of the coffee spreads across the table. As with pour overs more generally, this had a very clean and subtle taste with a hint of citrus tang.

Pour-over coffee, Colombia El Hueco
The second pour over coffee was brewed using the Colombia El Hueco beans from the El Hueco farm in another Colombian region, Tarqui. This had a much sweeter note and was most pleasant to drink.

House-smoked salmon, fennel & alfalfa salad, fried capers, almond skordalia, brioche crumb, poached eggs
Having travelled through the short and sweet coffee journey, breakfast arrived. The smoked salmon and poached eggs were presented immaculately across a bed of garlicky almond skordalia, topped with an alfalfa salad.

The salmon was subtly smoked and nicely balanced with fennel shreds and capers, making for a very clean and fresh breakfast dish.

Heirloom tomato medley on toasted Turkish bread with cauliflower cream, shaved pecorino & a poached egg
Another fresh and healthy option was the colourful heirloom tomato medley, served with warm Turkish bread and a light, earthy-sweet cauliflower cream.

The bread had a crisp surface and slightly sweet-soft insides, forming a filling base for the tomatoes, cauliflower cream, shaved pecorino and fresh basil leaves which brought even more colour to the plate. 

The industrial-esque interior of Seven Seeds
Whether you visit Seven Seeds in Carlton, or any of the other 15 cafés stocking its blends, don't miss out on having a great coffee hit.

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Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

The house-smoked salmon looks great!

Hendy said...

It was definitely the highlight that morning Helen, it was light and fresh and anything smoked is without a doubt, yum -- thinking smoked bacon :P

Padaek said...

Food and coffee looks great – and a busy place too – always a good sign! :)


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