Monday, May 12, 2014

Coveting the goods at Breakfast Thieves, Fitzroy (Melbourne)

Posted by Kath

You'll have to get in line with the hipsters if you're coveting a feed at Breakfast Thieves in Fitzroy. A magnet for fiends of trendy breakfast spots, this little gem is tucked away just off Smith Street among rows of Victorian semis and pockets of inspiring graffiti.

Breakfast Thieves, Gore Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne
The food at Breakfast Thieves is just as creative as its hip Fitzroy surrounds, with a menu full of quirkily-named dishes like the 'Spanish Gypsy Dance' and 'Thieves on the Run'.

The Leprechaun - Crisp fried corn fritters on rosemary roasted carrot puree,
avocado-yuzu mousse, pickled cucumber pomegranate salad & poached eggs
I certainly felt lucky when 'The Leprechaun' dish was laid before me featuring golden, crunchy corn fritters atop a bed of creamy, sweet carrot puree and two soft, runny-centred poached eggs.

The blobs of yuzu-scented avocado mousse blobs added a touch of acidity and fancy plating, while the pomegranate brought lovely pops of colour and flavour to a refreshingly unique take on corn fritters.

The Legend - Spicy baked eggs with Spanish chorizo, mushrooms,
green peas, feta, served with herbed garlic toast
'The Legend' was a fitting name for a breakfast dish that's becoming a staple across café menus everywhere, and this one lived up to its name.

Two runny eggs were baked in a pool of tangy, lightly spicy tomato sauce that hid chorizo and mushrooms, sprinkled with salty feta cheese and peas. Two slices of herbed garlic toast came on the side to soak up all the eggy, saucy goodness.

My Unusual "BBLT" French - Brioche French toast served with
candied bacon, brûlée banana, lemon curd, roasted cherry tomatoes
The dish of the day was hands down the "BBLT" with an unusual array of typical breakfast components.

The combination of brioche French toast, caramelised banana segments and the most amazing lemon curd with the candied bacon and roasted cherry tomatoes was a triumph of sweet and savoury flavours, and had me experiencing a severe case of food envy.

Cake & cookie selection
Being a bit of a sweet tooth, I had to try something from the arresting shelves of cakes, cookies and pastries proudly on display.

White chocolate lamington with Nutella
The white chocolate lamington with Nutella sounded too good to be true, although it wasn't the soft pillowy treat I was hoping for. It did, however, provide enough sugar to fuel my subsequent graffiti exploration through the streets of Fitzroy.

Chalkboard of wisdom at Breakfast Thieves
True to their name, Breakfast Thieves are deliciously cheeky bandits of the Melbourne breakfast world, and if you don't leave entirely satisfied and coveting more, you'll at least leave with pearls of wisdom like the one above.

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Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

The plating is certainly pretty. What a fancy breakfast!

Kath said...

Hi Lorraine, the plating was indeed impressive! Nice to wake up to on a gloomy Melbourne morning :)

Katie said...

The BBLT looks seriously impressive and will be featuring in my food dreams until I can get to Breakfast Thieves.

Kath said...

Hi Katie, the BBLT is definitely dream worthy! Enjoy :)

Martine @ Chompchomp said...

Agreed with Kath. I'll take the BBLT!!!! Let's hope they have a GF version!

Cindy ( a foodie's joy) said...

I love the quirky dish names. The food looks good!


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