Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lazy days, again

Of the deadly sins, I'm probably most prone to sloth. I'll have my eager, energetic moments and relapse into a state of laziness that's quite astounding. Even foodie endeavours have been few and far between. So it's a short and sweet post - literally.

More ripe bananas in the house means more banana cake-like creations. And just to change it up a little I spiced up the batter with some ground ginger and nutmeg, and topped it off with a streusal crumb.

I had adapted from the recipe and seemingly not made enough of the crumb, which is why they turned out looking like muffins with measles or chicken pox rather than a crumble top.

Banana crumb muffins

I shall call them measle muffins. Tastewise they're pretty decent with the crumb adding a new element to an old favourite.

Otherwise, I've been up to very little and taking time out to enjoy moments much like the below:

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