Friday, April 3, 2009

B'bye to summer

Digging out cardis from the wardrobe and considering boots so my toes don't get wet are pretty sure signs that summer is well and truly over. Sudden, it seems. And sad. It will be a sad wave goodbye to summer afternoon drinks and impromptu outdoor events, although a sunny winter's day is quite the blissful time to be in Sydney. And there's nothing wrong with afternoon drinks in a cosy pub on a chilly day.

The revamped Beresford Hotel certainly fits the bill: there's a lot to like about the huge variety of beers on tap, lounge-enticing seating and a very stylish restaurant tucked away in the back. Packed and absolutely buzzing on a mid-week night, the restaurant seems a little disjointed with the pub/bar section but is clearly the star of the show.

Menu at The Beresford Hotel, Bourke Street, Darlinghurst

The menu arrives with bread, butter and olive oil in an arty dish that I want to take home. I love the look and feel of the menu although the abundance of sections can be a little confusing. A raft of tempting Italian fare politely screams for my attention and it's a few visits from the waiter before I can choose from the appetisers, entrees, 'classics', pastas, fish, meat, oven-cooked meat and vegie sides.

Seared scallops, fennel puree, capers, pancetta & lemon

The stunning scallop entree looked almost too pretty to eat. The chunky scallop pieces were cooked through and easily devoured with the crunchy fried pancetta and creamy puree.

Roast lamb rump, celeriac puree, parsnips & pine mushrooms

Almost a welcoming party for winter, the hearty lamb main was served rare with stewed parsnip pieces and mushrooms. Tender, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth - all you want from a lamb dish. And on the darker side of the table...

Lasagne, Jerusalem artichoke, porcini mushrooms, hazelnuts & pecorino

A modern-looking vegetarian lasagne consisting of loads of porcinis piled up with soft, silky smooth squares of pasta, unmemorable Jerusalem artichoke, pecorino shavings and roasted whole hazelnuts. Its richness was unexpected but very much enjoyed.

Insalata verde

A side of mixed greenery was doused in a heavily salted dressing - a trend or perhaps just my delicate tastes when it comes to salad greens.

Vanilla panna cotta with figs, cherries/plums (?), almond granita

And the pretty presentation just keeps coming. Dessert wine is one of those things that just make me smile but a beautiful dessert usually deserves a grin. The panna cotta is refreshingly light, its sweet creaminess highlighted by the diced fig and what we deduced were cherries. The granita was a nice textural contrast but I wasn't enthralled with the flavouring - like almond essence or feijioa, just a personal dislike.

Service throughout the night was well-paced and extremely efficient - I don't think there was a moment where my wine or water neared empty. It was also endearing to see the jovial chefs hard at work at the pass. Getting nudged out of the restaurant and then the pub as it closed, I think that The Beresford will be on the list of things to cheer me up when the weather cools.

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