Friday, May 15, 2009

Butter me up

I find it difficult to come up with a favourite food, or even favourite cuisine, because there's so much that I like. I couldn't possibly choose and play favourites but I do have a formidable list of favourite things, most of which are enduring through time and places. For example, chicken nuggets are a long-time guilty pleasure; rocket an incurable obsession; lemon cheesecake (especially from The Cheesecake Shop) an insatiably tempting treat.

Almond shortbread biscuits, often seen in Greek bakeries, is another of these favourite things so I was pretty excited to come across a simple recipe at this blog. The path to happiness is only 15 minutes' cooking time away.

Almond butter biscuit dough

I ignore incredulous looks at the amount of butter I'm using - they are butter biscuits afterall and there will be sharing. It's a really simple recipe so before long it's dough shaping time. I wasn't aiming for perfect uniformity, obviously.

Dough shaped into crescents or horseshoes

Buttery close-up

Into the oven they go while I clean up and get the icing sugar ready, and then a short 15-20 minutes later I have a tray of browned and ready biscuits.

Baked tray

Baked close-up

I taste a piping hot biscuit and burning aside, the biscuits are extremely buttery in taste and feel, crunchily full of almond slivers but veering a little to overly salty. Perhaps the measure of salt with normal salted butter was a little too much. Anyway, I hope that a liberal shower of icing sugar can do the trick. It also acts as a concealer, hiding any imperfections beneath some not so sheer coverage of white powder.

Almond butter biscuits

They look the part and go down nicely with a cup of tea, so long as one doesn't choke on the downpour of icing sugar. But then that's one of my favourite parts of eating these biscuits.


Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Oooh yes I love these! A neighbourhood friend was Greek and I'd get so excited when we'd come over to play and her mum would make these. They were so delicious. Yours look great! I love that final blanketing of icing sugar :D

Tina said...

Hi Lorraine - the icing sugar makes it, in my opinion :)


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