Friday, May 8, 2009

European memories - Part II

We continue with the European trip down memory lane. It's not Bavaria without a trip to a beer hall or three. And it's not a trip to a beer hall without a stein or four. I guess it's just not Germany without a hangover or two.

Stein of Helles beer at the Hofbrauhaus, Munich, Germany

This was at the first beer hall in Munich we visited. Shopping at the souvenir stall after a couple of steins was a bit of a spree; heading back to the hotel on our own at the end of the night was... I don't remember. But I do remember struggling with the door key to our room when we did make it back.

Pork knuckle at the Hofbrauhaus, Munich, Germany

And it's surely a prerequisite to have a bit of pig with your beer. Or in this case, quite a lot. The pork knuckle posed an imposing figure next to what we initially thought were potatoes. The spongiest potatoes ever turned out to be dumplings which ended up being mostly ignored in favour of the golden, crisp-skinned hunk of pork knuckle. The skin was indeed crackily crunchy but the knuckle itself was very meaty, so much so that I think I only got to about two-thirds of it.

Hofbrauhaus Munchen plate

Love custom crockery - especially handy if you find that you've forgetten where you are after that third litre of beer. "What? I'm not at The Rocks...? Munich?!?"

Dinner in one night in Vienna, Austria

I think this was after a few consecutive big nights out, and of course, a big day out sightseeing. The Kit Kat was something I'd taken along from home; the biscuit crackers were accumulated from tour breakfasts; and the cheese and beer came from a supermarket in Vienna we stumbled upon during the course of the day. I remember the can of Stiegl cost 75 euro cents, which I was pretty happy about.

Chilling sparkling without ice or a fridge, Budapest, Hungary

And this was my method of chilling bought-home drinks at the hotels. It worked especially well in our hotel room in Vienna as they seemed to have really cold cold water - and perhaps the can is easier to chill than a mini bottle of sparkling wine, also purchased from a supermarket. Ah, cheap pleasures of grocery shopping.

Next stop: Amsterdam and more

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