Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chai time any time

I think chai is fairly firmly instilled in the beverage culture, along with other teas and coffee, of course. And aren't we glad for it - I know I definitely am, when the caffeine hit of a coffee is too much and traditional teas are a tad unexciting.

And if chai is as easy as two teaspoons in a mug with milk, I know I'd be all smiles.

The lips say it all with Pure Chai by Indulge Your Senses - don't they look happy? Maybe with a touch of seduction thrown in.

The easy-as-pie powder form of Pure Chai means a warming chai latte or icy chilled chai is only few teaspoons away. Think: in the hectic lives we lead, the soothing, warming, caressing, relaxing sense of chai can be about 30 seconds away. Why isn't everything this easy?

The all important taste test? The honey & vanilla flavour is the more traditional and my pick, though I was put off a little by the sound of vanilla. Luckily, the vanilla is barely discernable but there's a hefty spice flavour, perhaps more so than tea - which is how I like my chai. When made with skim milk, this flavour is 99% fat free - virtually sinless!

The luxe chocolate flavour - not a combination I thought would go with chai - is growing on me. A bit chai, a bit hot chocolate, a little bit the best of both worlds, and 98% fat free with skim milk.

Both retail at Woolworths and specialty outlets for around A$9.99. I'm told the 250g cannister makes 25 serves per pack which equates to A40c per single serve. About one-eighth the price of my coffee and I think I'd have this over a soft serve cone anyday.

Thanks to the guys at Polarity Consultants for the samples, and thanks to Pure Chai for making the afternoons - or really any time - just that little bit more bearable.


Anonymous said...

you're advertising? :)
good on you though. i want samples too!!!

Julia @ Mélanger said...

Wow, these sound delicious. I will have to keep my eye out for them. Love chai!

Tina said...

Hi Julia - Yeah, they're very, very convenient and taste much like what you'd get in a cafe!

retrodaze said...

Ooh I haven't seen these around!

I've been drinking Arcadia powdered chai - I found it in Woolworths and it claims to be 'cafe-style'. I bought the 'spice' version and it is okay. I would rank it a 6/10. But I think I'll try one of these next!


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