Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bruno hits town

Allow me a slight detour as I catch my breath from the non-stop laugh session at the State Theatre on Monday night for Bruno. In a celebrity spotter's heaven, the fashionista himself made his entrance in a barely-there knight in shining armour outfit, white stead and all.

Bruno poses in front of the State Theatre
(photo by Time Out Sydney)

Bruno entered the theatre filled with happy punters and celebrities - with many thanks to the free-flowing bar, for which many a pre-packaged panini and popcorn were discarded in favour of. Strolling into the theatre in front of Paul McDermott and his gorgeous date; standing in front of Rose Byrne at the bar - just your average Monday night (not!).

Bruno said a few short words, the audience regaling with laughter at almost every sentence - which is a pretty good indication to the movie as well. Seriously, anyone with respiratory problems may want to take it easy if watching the film - I think I had difficulty breathing amid the constant laughter. And, of course, a few jaw droppers as well.

On the celebrity watching front I spotted: Rose Byrne and Brendan Cowell, Paul McDermott, Damian Walshe-Howling (and afterwards at a random pub), Alice Burdeau, Dawn French in crazy disguise, Ruby Rose, The Chaser boys including Julian Morrow, Craig Reucassel and Andrew Hansen, Lyndsey Rodrigues, Dieter Brummer (didn't know he was still around), Donny Galella, Ali Mutch, Troy Thompson, Jonathan Pease, Leona Edmiston, Jamie Wright, Laura Dundovic, Courtney Act, Kylie Gilles, Larry Emdur, Merrick Watts, Kate Ritchie, Julia Morris, and David 'Wolfman' Williams and Richard Wilkins in the media scrum.

There are some great photos from the premiere and after party, although I don't think it captures anyone who was a little worse for wear after the screening. And really, there were some.

For a guaranteed laugh, tasteful or not, get thee to see Bruno.


Betty said...

omg! can't wait to see it! lucky you, got to go to the premiere :)

Tina said...

Hi Betty - Yes, lucky me! It was ridiculously, painfully funny - you're in for a good laugh :D


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