Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Times of indulgence

There's definitely no shortage of sugar quarries in the city: places to mine for sugar hits. With chocolate cafes taking over a la Starbucks of the early noughties, I'm already beginning to see the appeal of something that's just a little bit different. Throw in a wine bar and I think we're on a winner.

Bacco Pasticceria at Chifley Plaza, Chifley Square, Sydney

Walk into Chifley Plaza at lunch and you won't miss the queues for panini at Bacco Pasticceria. With the more formal Bacco Wine Bar set inside the plaza a bit more, one is spoilt for lunch choices amid high end retail temptation. I'm keeping my eyes on the sugar as that's a little more wallet-friendly than some of the other stores, but sweet temptation nonetheless.

Selection of cakes

Pretty pastel macarons

Lemon torte and brownies

While the oversized sandwiches look like a great lunch option, it's all about the ecstatic and intoxicating properties of the cake and pastry case.

Bacco cake box

Ricotta cannoli

I will admit to a soft spot for crunchy cannoli; under some delusional notion that deep fried pasta dough is healthier yet just as tasty as full cream and sugar heavy delicacies. Plus I used to have such fun filling them with vanilla and chocolate custard back in the casual cafe job days. This shell is filled with a sweet ricotta and pistachio mix; not so sweet as to be naughty but creamy enough to be a slightly wicked indulgence.

Bacco (left), brownie (back) and lemon torte (right)

And uncovering the pretty cake box, there's trio of treasures waiting to indulge: the tri-layered Bacco slice, a massive chocolate brownie and the floaty-looking lemon torte. Five forks pause with bated breath as a few quick pics are snapped and then it's all in. The cake attack is fast and fierce, with forks crossing, lots of thoughtful tasting and re-tasting, and immediate reviews and favourites.

Somewhat disturbed by the Bacco slice, we all taste it numerous times as a whole and in its separate layers. It looks a lot like the luxuriously deadly Mortal Sin cake but in the end we conclude that only the bottom dark chocolate layer is worthy.

The brownie is topped with a delightful chocolate frosting and whimsical little balls of chocolate crackle - almost like minuscule Maltesers. We revel in the minature cracling more than the fairly standard chocolate cake studded with walnuts.

The lemon torte is the saving grace of the box: a short pastry case filled with a tart, cheek-pinching lemon curd and topped with fluffy, soft meringue.

This sweet indulgence was, admittedly, administered after a big meal but I think we did as well as we could. There's always a time and place for indulgence of the ecstactic and intoxicating kind.

Aftermath of Bacco session

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RedsGirl said...

Always good to hear about new sweet spots and OMG - that lemon torte looks divine! Can I ask roughly what prices the cakes and the macarons? Might be worth a trek into the CBD!!

Betty said...

Awesome, I love the cake attack! I wouldn't mind a brownie slice now... p.s. did you see that I passed on the Kreativ Blogger Award to you?

chocolatesuze said...

ooh pretty macarons! i want to try the babies!

Tina said...

Hi RedsGirl - Macaron prices I don't know but the other cakes were about $5 each and the canoli about $3.50 from memory.

Hi Betty - Yep, getting to it ;)

Hi chocolatesuze - Yes, except I think I might have issues with the blue coloured one. You probably wouldn't, blue risotto and all... :D

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

That Lemon Dome looks delicious and just the way I like them (with super tart lemon and fluffy marshmallow and a short crust)!

Tina said...

Hi Lorraine - I think you'd really like that tart then..!

Leona said...

I think iveseen this place on my lunch break.. is it downstairs?? near the escalators that lead up to Kikki-K?? or have i got the wrong place??

Cakes look awesomeee! I loveeeee finding out new places for cakes n stuff especially in the city! Always great to have something around the 3pm pick me up slumps.

Loving your photosss

Tina said...

Hi Leona - Yes, it's downstairs but closer to the entrance than the escalators. The Bacco wine bar is near the escalators, I think. No cure like sugar for 3.30-itis!


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