Thursday, August 13, 2009

Three ways to feast

I'm not sure if it's still the fashion at the moment, but the 'ingredient x ways' always has me intrigued. That is, 'lamb two ways' or 'onions three ways'. It's infinitely amusing to the taste buds and imagination, and really something to marvel at but not really try at home. I mean, can one really be bothered to attempt two, or more, completely different methods on the one ingredient for the sake of novelty?

Generally speaking, no. But as always, there are the occasions when adamant preferences will not be shifted. Not getting into any strenuous techniques, let alone molecularity, here goes oysters three ways.

Natural Sydney rock oysters

If the meal preparation is to be shared, I highly recommend grabbing responsibilty over this one. It's hard to go wrong with Sydney rock oysters au naturale, and if there's bits of shell in it - well, it's really not your fault, is it? Unless they're freshly shucked. In which case, I highly recommend not bags-ing this particular meal preparation.

Kilpatrick Sydney rock oysters

One of my personal favourites is the slightly kitsch oysters kilpatrick. Reeking of the 80s but my first foray into the sweet, marine world of oysters, I suppose it's a bit of a nostalgic food memory for me. Smokey, fat lined bacon with worcestershire sauce and loads of black pepper make for a bursting mouthful of flavour but, admittedly, covering up the subtle and stronger flavours of the actual oyster.

Ginger and shallot steamed Pacific oysters

Last but not least, the steamed Pacific oysters with ginger and shallots that have had a hot oil treatment. Steamed for only a short minute or two, these larger oysters have a distinctly meatier yet blander taste that capitalises on ingredients sitting on top of it.

Dozens upon dozens of oysters makes for luxurious eating, but doesn't really make a meal. Welcome, fellow sea cousin salmon fillets.

Salmon fillets ready for the oven

An extremely simple marinade of spring onions, lemon, pepper and salt over the top and into the oven until the thinner, tail ends are just cooked, meaning the thicker sections will be raw inside. A coincidental 'salmon two ways' appeases those averse to raw fish as well as sashimi lovers.

A few ways to celebrate and feast but together with loved ones; truly, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Forager said...

Yum! Looks like this feast is right up my alley. Loads of oysters - how can one go wrong?

Betty @ The Hungry Girl said...

Looks like a delicious feast was had!

Julia @ Mélanger said...

I would love to have a feast like that. So delicious.

Tina said...

Hi Forager - Oyster obsession too? ;)

Hi Betty - Twas. Not sure how many I had all up, but never really enough, is there?

Hi Julia - A luxurious feast every now and then is necessary :)


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